Reclaimed Hardwoods

Pure Wood Studio believes that reclaimed hardwoods are to West Coast design what butter is to French cuisine. They add the kind of rich, distinctive flavour that packs Five Star restaurants – and transforms drab interiors into “must-have” living spaces.

There’s simply no other design element that can offer the natural warmth and beauty of genuine hardwoods. And given their durability, ease of maintenance and overall aesthetic qualities, many of today’s hardwoods are perfect for high-traffic areas in homes, commercial and institutional settings.

We’ve Found Those “Hard-to-Find” Hardwoods

You won’t find our hardwoods in Big Box Stores or discount flooring chains. Our exclusive collection of rare, hard-to-find hardwood flooring and accessories has been carefully chosen to provide design and building professionals with a distinct creative edge.

From reclaimed original hardwoods to hand-scraped or distressed laminates, Pure Wood Studio shops the world to bring you the very best in exotic and unusual species of hardwoods and accessories.

Reclaimed Teak for Flooring, Mouldings, Paneling & Furniture

The worldwide use of teak – which is the common name for “tropical hardwoods” – has depleted much of the world’s old growth tropical forests. That’s why Pure Wood Studio sources only FSC® (FSC–C092606*) recycled 100% Teak products. No living trees are cut – and therefore, our Teak meets certain LEEDS standards.

The exotic flavour of Teak simply can’t be replicated. It’s the perfect way to add that unique South Sea authenticity to an exclusive spa or health club; a tropical-themed hotel or restaurant; or a coastal-inspired residence or retail outlet.

Pure Wood Studio’s complete line of reclaimed Teak products can be specified for flooring, mouldings, paneling, decking, doors and furniture.

* All FSC sales are processed through our head office facility in Vancouver, British Columbia

Product Samples

The Pure Wood Distressed Collection

Our distressed collection offers genuine reclaimed timber that’s been salvaged from historic barns and other abandoned structures. Every piece of reclaimed wood is hand-selected on the basis of its history, character and beauty; it’s then de-nailed, sawn and kiln dried to prepare it for modern use. The final product is every bit as beautiful as it is durable, as our reclaimed timber is typically sourced from structures built to last for centuries.

Product Samples