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Pure Wood Studio
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Nature purest woods. Purely for Design Professionals. That’s the business model for Pure Wood Studio.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Pure Wood Studio carries hardwood, engineered and reclaimed materials that create award – winning interiors and sold out projects. The Pure Wood product line includes premium hardwood flooring, vintage and reclaimed wood, antique flooring, aged barn woods and Teak, as well as striking wood wall coverings. Each product in our collection is selected for its durability and aesthetic value.


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  • Green

    Aside from their natural beauty, bamboo and hardwoods offer outstanding environmental qualities. They are free of greenhouse gases and allergens; require the least amount of energy to produce; and have the longest service life of any floor covering. Plus, they originate from a renewable resource and can be easily recycled.

    All of those qualities add to LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) credits for the buildings and interiors you design. Plus, given the socially aware, environmentally-conscious attitudes of West Coast home buyers and commercial space tenants, green interiors offer a simple, healthy way to add sales appeal to your projects.

    Pure Wood Studio believes that sustainable architecture and design can also make workplaces more healthy and productive while reducing operating costs. And given our natural affinity for forests and greenery, the organic qualities of hardwoods are particularly appealing.